22 hours on a bus for hot peppers: Siem Reap to Chiang Mai 

Solo adventures begin..

I left my family in Cambodia and set off on the first of two 10 + hour bus rides in the next 24 hours. I made a friend on the bus who was headed to a 10 day silent retreat just outside of Chiang Mai. She taught English in Hanoi for 3 months before figuring out that Hanoi’s chaotic scene wasn’t for her. So she started traveling around South East Asia instead. Very cool lady.

Departing Cambodia took two minutes. Departing Thailand took over 2 hours of waiting in line with 400 other tourists while one officer checked passports incredibly slowly.

Thanks Cambodia. See ya later
Hello Thailand

I arrived in Bangkok and had my first Chilis with a little Thai food thrown in for flavor 😉 at the bus stop While waiting for my overnight bus to take me to Chiang Mai

A medley of spice and noodles.


The bus station in Bangkok

The overnight bus had reclining seats thank goodness but no room in between seats so everyone I turned over my seatmate also had to adjust. The bus driver also stopped five or six times on the middle of the night to have tea, go to the bathroom, chat (I’m convinced) which made the ride a few hours longer than it could have been.

I arrived in Chiang Mai at 6:15am, grabbed a tuk-tuk and headed towards Tha Phae Gate.

Two monks outside the gate

Nothing was open but a Starbucks because it was so early. Classic. I come all the way to Chiang Mai and the first thing I do is have a fricken croissant from Starbucks!

I met Randy, the volunteer from Warm Heart, and we quickly got me situated with an international phone, a Thai iced tea, a scooter, and a Japanese encephalitis vaccine. Just a normal to-do list in Thailand.

Off to Warm Heart tomorrow!


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