My short time as a Lanna dancer (holy shit!)

I had been to all of three lessons of traditional Lanna dance. One was an informal practice in Noinas home before the show.

So obviously I was not well prepared to get up on stage in front of the entire town! (everyone was coming because they heard I was dancing) I’ve definitely been accepted since they found out I was dancing. I’m not sure if the goodwill towards me will continue once they actually see me dance like tree stump)

But after my hair and makeup were done I felt a bit more confident.

Noina, my host, and I
I like this hairstyle I think I’ll bring it back and wear it in the States

After makeup was a great selfie opportunity for Ma Now, Noinas little sis, and I. 

Then I slipped into my outfit and I was as ready as I could be.

There was an actual stage inside a Wat in Phrao. I saw it when Noina and I grabbed our lunch from the ladies in charge of the food for after the dancing. This is a serious thing. A stage!!

The minute I saw the stage I was immediately grabbed by the town leader’s wife and the other women prepping the food and fed many kanom jok sai Ma prow (some delicious coconut dessert wrapped in banana leaf). They not only want me to dance but they want me to be fat as well. Demanding!

Back to the main act:

I got dressed and it seemed like everyone I met behind the temple had something to add to my outfit! A necklace here, a belt there, a sash here, a new skirt there. Everyone smiled at me.

Then I was at the front of a parade of women some with banners others like me carrying platters of curries, fruits, and sticky rice.  I was grinning the whole time. Everyone was having a good time.

People sat on mats in front of the templeand ate while they watched the numerous performances.

We had to wait to dance. I was so nervous. But I was also enjoying the atmosphere. I was the only foreigner at this fundraiser and the first foreigner to ever join in in this town. And everyone seemed so pleased I was there. Pretty epic. Definitely the most memorable activity so far:)

The dance can’t be uploaded so I’ll post a link later.

After, they kept me up on stage and spoke in rapid Thai to me while I just stood there awkwardly waiting to tell them I couldn’t understand. 😂😂
Then it was time to eat! Yum the best curry I’ve had so far in Thailand called Gaaeng hang laeh muu. Yum! With sticky rice, of course!

What a night!


One thought on “My short time as a Lanna dancer (holy shit!)

  1. Who is more adventurous than you?! Finally getting the time to read your blog more carefully. So enjoying it. Love the piks at the Wat on the way to Phrao (beautiful beyond belief); that Northern Thai curry description made me want to climb thru my phone and scarf; and super sweet of you to think of me at the temple along the Mekong!!


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