Homemade Dumplings pair nicely with Chinese, Thai & English conversation

I was making a veggie stir fry in the communal kitchen at my dorm when I struck up a conversation with a group of Chinese girls who are also studying at Chiang Mai University. They invited me to eat with them so we traded stir fry for Chinese noodles and planned to make dumplings the following week.

They picked up the ingredients from a Chinese stall near the university and we got to work. 

Green onions, cabbage, ginger, and pork were chopped as we traded stories about Thailand and University. 

It was pretty great because not only were we making dumplings by hand but we were communicating in a mix of Thai, English, and Chinese. When they couldn’t speak in English they would speak in Thai and I would understand, props to my Thai teacher.

We chopped,mixed, and then it was time to wrap the dumplings. I will never again complain about the price of dumplings or wontons after how hard of time I had wrapping the dumplings. They all laughed politely but I was really terrible at it.

We cooked them and then feasted.We managed to eat four plates heaped with dumplings while giggling over cute Thai boys cooking in the kitchen next to us. They were a very nice bunch.


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