Rain in Ubud

Awoke from my nap post-Mt.Batur feeling incredibly well rested. Headed out into Ubud for a coffee at FREAK coffee (not bad). It started pouring as I was sitting sipping and staring at the temple directly across the street from me with heaps of offerings piled in front in the street. IMG_0316.JPG

The rain didn’t let up but that was just fine with me. Tourists were off the streets scared of the rain. Perfect. I pulled on my full body poncho, which makes me look like a giant orange condom, and headed outside with a vague sense of where I wanted to go and the great possibility of changing my mind…which I did, several times.

Stumbled across this in the rain. Lotus lake:)

I decided after a little while, spur of the moment to walk 30 min through the rice paddies outside Ubud to the famous Sari Organik restaurant. Brilliant!

Still pouring, it was beautiful walking through the villasIMG_0324.JPG in the bright green rice paddies on a path only two scooters wide. IMG_0323.JPGI was grinning the whole time at how awesome this was: the rain, Bali, the rice fields, temples, my trek, and the possibility the restaurant would be closed.

It was closed! ha! but I sat anyways and wrote in my journal listening to the rain and looking at this viewIMG_4606

On the way through the rice paddies I was licking a gelato and on the way back I bought a fresh young coconut and sipped as I walked. IMG_0334.JPG

Met some interesting fellows along the way…IMG_0329.JPG



Looking forward to my cooking class tomorrow!

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