Solo in Northern Bali

      I said goodbye to the girls a few hours after returning from our epic hike up Mt.Agung and zoomed across Bali, racing the fading sunlight, through the mountains, to the northern beach town of Lovina. Mostly followed the main road, a 2-lane highway. The worst parts were the giant tour buses as the roads narrowed climbing up into the mountains. Sketchy. Did not like that portion but the rest, zooming past warungs, parades, ceremonies, and the views of the island, were worth it.IMG_5649

      Arrived at Mandhara Chico Bungalows in the dark, right on the beach. Had some Nasi Jinngko, rice and chicken wrapped in banana leaf and 4000rupiah (30cents) and a Bintang. The room I booked was so close to the ocean I could hear the water lapping as I lay in my bed.

      I took it easy for a few days. I slept in and walked along the beach finding my way through the maze of outrigger boats pulled onto the shore.

Waterfalls were on my mind so I took off on my trusty scooter to the ones I had been eyeing on the map. They tried to make me pay for a guide and I responded in indonesian so they let me just pay 10,000rupiah (<$1) and head on in.IMG_5814 I wasn’t supposed jump but I found a group of local guys about my age jumping off the 15 meter falls and followed them after seeing them swim away laughing. Jumped off about 10 times before a guide came over and asked where my guide was. I lied and said my guide had gone down and quickly boogied up the canyon to my scooter! Was adopted by a balinese family I met on the beach and taken to a ceremony that night. Got all dolled up.

That evening I practiced some yoga moves and messed around with the self-timer on my camera on the beach at sunset. I’d like to take photography class was my conclusion from the shoot, to get better at taking photos.

Scorpion pose. All those rafting, soccer, and yoga muscles coming into play

I had a fun time rejuvenating on my own on the north coast. Sometimes, all I need is some space to do my own thing in order to be able to jump with all of my energy into activities and adventures with strangers and friends alike. Learning Olivia 101.