The Wedding (week 3)

It was supposed to be my first week of classes at CMU.

And then I decided I would go to the wedding of one of the cooks and house mothers at Warm Heart. That was that. I asked Evelind for a seat in the bed of the truck and drove up the Monday classes started so I could leave for the wedding on Tuesday. I’m laughing as I write this because it was so awesome and completely worth it.

7am Tuesday January 17th. Myself and 2 other volunteers, Hillary and Jayne, along with Nit, a Warm Heart university student, hopped into the bed of a pickup truck.

It was chilly but really Jayne?! 😂
Hillary having the time of her life as we bumped along in the pickup truck
This was our expression for a lot of the ride
Nit grinning ridiculously and Jayne trying to light up

The two and a half hour ride was thrilling.   Just look at our facial expressions:)

We never once stopped climbing high up into the mountains.

The entire ride, we were surrounded by incredibly dense Jurassic park like jungle.

The mood was only slightly  dampened by the fact that the road was so incredibly bumpy we all were thrown around and our tail bones bruised perhaps forever. Worth it.

We arrived at the small village just as the sun hit the mountainside we were on.

Everyone had gathered in the center already. The women wore beautiful skirts and woven tops. Some of the men had woven tops as well. All very colorful.

The bride and groom came out of one of the houses on stilts and everyone fell into step behind them as the village leader and the priest led the way to the church. She was beautiful.

Above was the church. Just a single room structure.

Somehow I got a seat inside next to Josephine, the badass head of Warm Heart’s Microenterprise. She was reading literature during all the speakers. Ha. I tried to listen but it was futile because my Thai is so basic, so I just watched. The ceremony was simple. The couple sat in the front facing the guests.

They never touched or looked at each other. The village leader, the priest, each village elder, both families, and other notables in the village all blessed the couple and spoke at length in Thai. The marriage contract was signed and the rings were exchanged that was the only time the couple touched, to shake hands over the contract.

The marriage was, in essence, a contract. They were both getting something out of it. Then there was singing, lots of it. Finally the priest gave his final blessing and everyone followed the new couple outside for photos. Dried rice was thrown over the new couple.

That was the view from the church.

Then it was time to eat! Big pots had been bubbling and boiling since early this morning in preparation for the wedding feast.

Sticky rice is delicious.

Then I got to listen to stories of Michael in Zamibia interviewing miners and Josephine working in the garmet industry and then as a business journalist in Bangladesh.

After, the kids from Warm Heart decided it was time for a swim next to the village.

We were exhausted by the time we loaded back into the bed of the pickup truck. I wasn’t too tired to snap a few more pics of the landscape as we cruised home.

A great day I won’t soon forget.


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