New year celebrations with a lot of homemade whiskey

I showed up Friday morning at Warm Heart and was informed I had the option of going to one of the nearby villages for a New Years celebration the following afternoon. Of course I jumped on the offer having no idea what I was in for. I was in for one heck of a celebration.

We showed up around 1pm to see most of the girls and women of the village is their celebratory costumes. 

We then sat around in a house away from the center eating flavorful mini pineapple sandwich cookies with the other women while the men drank and the food was prepared.

Then it was a feast!

What isn’t in the photo is the Chang beer bottle filled with the village’s homemade whiskey, made yesterday! There were probably forty Chang bottles filled with this liquid. The head of the village came and sat down and poured Hillary, Leslie, and I more whiskey. He also got us the traditional outfits:)

Then the whiskey hit and the dancing started.

Found my new gay best friend. This guy was chatting with me about his boyfriend who played soccer for Manchester United.  🙂 hilarious conversation and lots more whiskey and Chang.

The whiskey consumption  exhibited diminishing marginal returns in terms of dancing abilities. At first it was liquid courage that allowed me to dance with the villagers in the center square and learn the steps then it turned into anti dancing liquid. It was good entertainment for everyone else. I was just trying to focus on my steps not all too well obviously! 😂😂😂💃🏼

Fun celebration.


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