The best beer and company in Northern Thailand: Chiang Dao Star Mountain Bar.

Saturday my interview with a restaurant owner fell through so I decided to check out this beautiful mountain road my professor had told me about from Phrao west to Chiang Dao. I had heard Chiang Dao was known for coffee, wine, and hiking. None of those were I was able to try because of this great craft beer bar I accidentally happened upon. How great. I was on my way to hike the Chiang Dao Mountain when I saw a sign for craft beer. I couldn’t believe there was craft beer in the middle of the rice fields and mountains so I swung right into this little guesthouse and bar nestled in a little garden off the road. 

It turned out to be Thai craft beers brewed in small breweries all over Thailand. Ooh the IPAs were fantastic. I was sorely in need of a good beer after so many Changs. Their draft IPA on their single tap was incredible. 

Suda practiced draft pours and served me a second Gateway IPA, brewed in Thailand

I ended up at some Japanese hippie music festival on the recommendation of Suda and Ilko. Felt a bit like Strawberry Music Festival missed my strawberry crew.

I went back the next day and tried a few more. Run by a very personable, young Dutch-Thai couple, Chiang Dao Star Mountain is the best place to grab an incredible Thai brewed beer (so reasonably priced) in a relaxed atmosphere just off the main highway from Chiang Mai to the hot springs and epic hiking in Chiang Dao.
They boast the most IPA’s I’ve seen in northern Thailand so far, and the best (I’ve tried 12 now:) and if you aren’t a beer connoisseur before you arrive you will surely be one when you leave. Ilko and Suda aren’t just selling the tasty beer they’ve collected through their travels throughout Thailand, they are presenting the drinker with the intimate relations they’ve cultivated with microbreweries operating throughout Thailand. With hops from Thailand, New Zealand, and the U.S., whatever someone fancies can be had with the owners suggestion.

Think laid back atmosphere,  great beer, good company, and epic outdoors (after the beer of course). Why wouldn’t you want to stop by for a beer or five…. because you have to try all the different hops and their unique flavors.

In honor of finding great Thai brews my friends and I had a beer tasting sesh the next night with the craft beers I brought back. So good. So fun. Channeled Mikey Gardner and Eric’s with this fun beer tasting.

Couldn’t have worked out better as I needed some wall decorations for my empty Thai dorm:)

(Trying my hand at promotional writing for the craft beer bar for practice)


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