Happy Accidents: Incredible Masaman Curry and a Thai Oil Massage

When plans and back up plans fall through…

I had made lunch plans with a woman from Israel who I met last night at live music but I forgot I already had lunch plans with the massage instructor in my class. So, I apologized and cancelled the first only to learn the massage instructor wouldn’t be able to make it because her massage class in a temple nearby was running late. Very cool lady.

Anyways, I grabbed my Lonely Planet Guide, opened it to EATING in Chiang Mai and picked Dash, a restaurant known for its curries in the old city. I wasn’t sure I would make it there because I generally tend to stop and check out whatever catches my eye. But I made it into this back road to this beautiful restaurant nestled in between backpacker hostels and a German beer garden (I’ll check that out another time). I ordered the Masaman curry, something I had been needing to try as it is known for being amazing in Chiang Mai.

OH. MY. GOSH. This was the most delectable, rich but not too thick, aromatic, sensational northern Thai curry. I mean right up there with my favorite Burmese Gaeng Hang lay. I do have to frequent restaurants more to get these Thai delicacies. It was $6 for curry and rice, enough for two. I had to take half to go because it was so large. They also had good looking cocktails. I almost tried the one called Putin on the Beach hahaha (only for the name).

Then, I was planning on heading home and a bar tucked away on a side street overflowing with westerners had me stop my scooter just a little ways down from the restaurant. The bar was not interesting at all but I did end up walking into a massage spot right next store.

I thought I communicated clearly when I said I wanted an hour long Thai massage but something was missed or, really, something was added because the next thing I knew I was being told to get out of my clothes for a Thai Oil Massage. I didn’t say no to the two nice thai ladies expectantly holding out a bath towel barely big enough to cover my torso. I did laugh while i changed into my towel attire. UNexpected for sure but an interesting and nice experience. I realized as I was about to correct the two ladies on the type of massage I wanted that I wouldn’t have chosen a Thai Oil Massage for myself but since I seemed to have stumbled into it I should try it.

My next fling is going to have to be a handsome thai masseuse who can lather me up with lovely smelling oils and give a killer massage 🙂

Happy Accidents. The beauty of finding adventures and then letting go of the reins and going with the flow.





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