Purple apples, Phrao coffee, organic homemade jam, bananas and new friends: it’s the little things.

Driving up into the mountains is still epic every time I do it. I sigh with relief once I start going up and away from the buzz of the city.

I arrive around 9am most Fridays at Warm Heart and barely have time to settle in before my translator, P’Nian, is hustling me out the door to go interview a friend of a friend and while we are at it, try another friend’s coffee. Or we end up visiting another ill friend. I’m so lucky she wants to introduce me to all of her friends.

So yesterday, Friday, I get up to Warm Heart. After lunch it’s off to interview an Organic farmer named P’Jay. Here is her farm

When I meet people who I just instantly know are good down to their very core it lifts me up and makes me smile wider. She was lovely and an extremely smart business woman. She offered me her homemade organic mulberry jam and the healthiest most delicious organic bananas I’ve ever tried. She kept offering and would have let me try every one of her crops if I had time. I’m going back to help her on her farm:) she sent me away with a bag of her jam. I eat spoonfuls of it as a treat 😊 I thought of Grandma Beryl and my mom as I chatted and laughed with p’nian and p’jay while watching her ducks and black chickens (apparently the Chinese love these from Thailand) romp around.

Next it was into the large town of Phrao for a delicious coffee from P’Nian’s friend, Nuoy, who roasts his own coffee beans sourced from small villages in the mountains like mine. Blue Bottle watch out! (I also just had incredible coffee at a tiny coffee counter on the back roads of Chiang Mai – buts that’s another story!) so good and the whole family is out in from of their baby supplies shop at this cofffee cart helping steam the milk, brew the coffee, do the latte art, and serve the drinks:)

Then, I met P’Nians best friend, P’Dao (Dao means Star), who owns the “Walmart” of Phrao (just a large everything store). She was whip smart, spoke English and was so excited to meet me. About my moms age, she immediately, along with her coworker, announced that they would be my mothers while I was living in Thailand. We sat and chatted and then, AND THEN… she introduced me to my new favorite fruit: The local purple apple.

You eat it with a spoon. Yes, really. It is the most delicious mix of mangosteen, mango, and some purple fruit. I’m not sure why it’s called an apple. Regardless, it’s only in season for a month so I will gorge myself on purpleness.

Dinner was kaw niaow (sticky rice) and gai (chicken) with sweet chili sauce with the kids from the children’s home and the Thai staff:)

I love the special moments I experience here.

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